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Sill rails

 Any window construction, which is exposed to the environment, can`t be  complete

 without installation of the exterior windowsill. The main task of exterior windowsill is to protect the lower window cover from the rain water or melting snow.

“ViknaBOKA” produces windows together with exterior windowsills taking into account all of the customers` requirements. We offer You the exterior windowsills made of metal and aluminium.

Metal sill rails are made from the steel sheets, that can

 be bended and given an appropriate shape.



Aluminium window sills are made by cold rolling sheet 1 mm thick.   

During the manufacturing process exterior windowsills are deprived of fat, colored and covered by varnish with the help of continuous coverage method.

These exterior windowsills have a number of key characteristics:

1)    they are resistant to weather conditions, temperature changes (-40 to +80C), ultraviolet radiation;

2)    the aluminum base is resistant to corrosion;

3)    double layer varnish covering is made on the basis of high quality resin;

4)    resistance to pollution, the surface is easy to clean;


The maximum length of the aluminum exterior windowsill is 6000mm.

Color scheme of aluminum exterior windowsills:

white (RAL 9016);

brown (RAL 8014);

dark bronze (anodized aluminum).

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