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Wooden windowsills always attract more attention that any others. Individual design of wooden windowsills will become the great part of your interior, pleasing the eye for a long period. For example it is hard to imagine country cottage without wooden windowsills. Just imagine the aroma and the beauty of oak, ash or cherry, the materials which will always be relevant in any interior.

All the materials used when making wooden windowsills are carefully processed and dried. Such manufacture provides the ability to withstand temperature changes that occur in the country cottages. Though the windowsills are made from durable material it still remains being natural and requires normal humidity and temperature conditions. However, even after long use, windowsills can be easily renovated.

Windowsills add special elegance to any interior. Except for being great decoration, they have some necessary functions, including the creation of air layer in the



Wood is known to be environmentally friendly material and has several significant advantages that`s why it`s widely used in the building sphere.

Wooden windowsills have a number of advantages:

1)    Unlike stone windowsills, wooden ones are always warm, even when it`s frosty;

2)    Wooden windowsills attract attention;

3)    They don`t emanate harmful chemical agents if the temperature gets higher.

We offer You to choose the type of wood to your liking. Fir tree, that isn`t quite expensive;

oak, which apart from being the most prestigious, has high quality characteristics and is characterized by a beautiful and noble structure on the cut.   

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